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Landscapes and outdoor living spaces are our passion. We not only get to know the client and their needs, but we also familiarize ourself with their land, their home, and their property. We take special measures to utilize the natural landscape that’s already present by highlighting and showcasing the natural artistic beauty of the land, including pre-existing trees, boulders, and other elements, and even go as far as noting where the shade and sunlight will fall, and scope out the best views for sunrises and sunsets.

We specialize in several specific areas including the incorporation of water elements, fire elements, artificial plants, and even offer services specific to Northern Arizona such as water management for monsoon or winter seasons, and wildlife deterrents.


At Legion Land Management, we specialize in designing spectacular home and business landscapes such as patios, fire pits, artificial plants, and outdoor kitchens. We also offer simpler services such as weeding, tree trimming and other aspects of general yard and outdoor maintenance.

For real estate agents, we also offer beautiful home staging services to help you have the best presentation possible.



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Why stay indoors when such beauty surrounds you? That’s the question Dennis and Tonya Willis are asking. They opened Legion Land Management & Design to help Rim County residents turn their backyards into an oasis. “My passion for outdoor living is what I want people to understand,” Dennis Willis said. “I’m talking about sitting on a patio with a glass of wine or hanging out with a buddy watching a sporting event. “I just love the weather up here and I’d rather be outside than inside. Being outside in a nice space is very peaceful. This is a beautiful country with beautiful weather.” The company is an all-in-one landscape company that specializes in the design and development of beautiful yard landscaping and deluxe outdoor living spaces. “We design outdoor living spaces then construct them and maintain them,” Dennis said. They work with clients to create the ideal outdoor environment.“Some clients are very open to discussion, but others know exactly what they want,” Dennis said. “Design and construction is a big part of my business but landscaping is another part and I can keep that clean and manageable for them.” Dennis said projects often develop over time. “A customer moved to town a month ago and has no yard at all,” he said. “I talked to her and got an idea what their idea is. A lot of times it’s done over years. I design that and we work together to build what they’re looking for in stages.” The couple has been married for 30 years. They have two sons — T.J., 25, who is a sommelier; and Chance, 19, who is studying computer science at Northern Arizona University. They relocated to Payson from Scottsdale two and a half years ago. They live in a house that’s been in their family since 1972. This is their first business in Rim Country, although they’ve both either owned businesses or worked in other industries. Dennis has owned a Jet Ski rental business, a jewelry making businesses and has also been involved in real estate. He also worked as a driver for a company providing security services. “I was driving around celebrities and business people,” he said. Tonya is a master cosmetologist and was running the largest salon in Arizona with 33 employees, according to Dennis. But they both quit and spent six years taking care of their grandmother in Scottsdale until she passed away at the age of 99 in 2016. They decided to make a change. “We had an epiphany or a midlife crises,” Dennis said. “We just knew we had to do something else.”

Andrew Bartusch has been a Payson Resident for 15 years. He’s always had a passion for the outdoors ever since he’s lived here. At every opportunity, he hikes the mountains, fishes in the lakes and swims in the rivers. He has a lovely fiancé, and two beautiful daughters that appreciate the same outdoors activities. This passion is what got him into the outdoor working lifestyle. Working on lots of projects all over the southwest, he has felled trees on top of mountains, and has built a rest area at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. He appreciates every single job, but his real satisfaction is when the clients really value the work that the crew and he did. Eventually, he was done with the travel, and needed to be home.“ I saw Legion and what they do, I knew I had to be a part of it. Dennis and Tonya gave me a chance” he says. “It turned out to be way better than what I expected. They take care of their employees, and their clients, with honesty and integrity. I am very thankful for Legion.” Andrew’s leadership has been invaluable to Legion. Now with LLM, he can bring his working lifestyle home! He goes on to say, “I get to work outside with really great people that are motivated, honest, and very appreciative. They value my work ethic, and make me a part of the crew. We create a beautiful outdoor lifestyle for our clients. And just to see the look of appreciation on our clients faces: makes it worth it. We are all motivated to work outside “For you to live outside”. 

Excerpts taken from the August 13th, 2019 Article in the Payson Round up newspaper. Written by: Keith Morris


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