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DeWeese Project

Words from the DeWeese family:

The entrance to our home was an embarrassment. Three times I researched and planted “elk-resistant” plants. Three times they disappeared, dessert for a hungry elk. Then, I had the idea to install fake plants.

Dennis and Tonya Willis, owners of Legion Land Management and Design, transformed my vague idea into a lush reality. They prepared and presented a professional proposal, including a complex legend identifying each proposed (artificial) plant and its location. The price was clearly stated, including taxes and shipping charges. It was clear that much thought went into the overall plan, as well as the details of plant selection and placement. The result was an artistic masterpiece: a fabulous focal point, a variety of heights, textures, colors and shapes. It was easy for me to say “yes, do it!”

The multi-stage project began with the planter boxes, pots, and bowl arriving in raw steel form. Many hours were spent experimenting with colors and patterns, in order to create gorgeous planters appearing to have a natural copper patina. Then the shrubs, ferns and trees arrived, were fluffed, shaped and concrete anchors added. Our yard was carefully dug up, mounds took shape, greenery was arranged and installed, and lovely varieties of gravel used as finishing touches. The work crew was friendly, considerate and respectful.

We believe the results are spectacular. Everyone who sees it loves it—including relatives and close friends as well as strangers making deliveries. And beauty is only one of many advantages when dealing with quality faux plants. They never need fertilizer or pesticide, and don’t require water or trimming. Going on vacation? No problem—go!

We love the uber-chic front door arbor conceptualized, designed and implemented by Dennis and Tonya Willis. Our entrance is now stunning.


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